Kings Water Leak Houston TX


A leaking water heater can be caused by many things including drain valve, pressure release valve, and weak joint pipes, among others. It is always a good idea to call for help if you notice pool of water near the tank or a drip coming from the system. Our plumbers can easily repair your leaks and help save your tank. Not all leaks should lead to or cause you to replace your tank. Some people are quick to recommend new installations whenever something breaks, but are different. We help homeowners save money every time by fixing what is broken and not recommending replacement.

Is hot water tank leaking and you are thinking of buying a new one? You don’t have to junk your tank and spend hundreds of dollars buying a new one. We can help you restore it and keep it serviced so that it can serve you for a long time to come. If you have a problem with your tank, call us and we will repair it for you.


Is your hot water heater leaking? Have you noticed that you don’t have enough water that is hot like you used to? Call us and we can repair the heater right away. Our plumbers have the right tools and the right skills to help you.

A water leak can be costly and sometimes might be hard to detect. But our plumbers have extensive experience in diagnosing these leaks and in fixing them. If your heater is in the attic, it might damage your sheetrock if the leak is not fixed in time.