Kings Water Heater Houston TX


Do you need help repairing an electric water heater? Or do you want to install one? Whatever service you need, we can help you quickly because we have many plumbers that are skilled in this service and that respond quickly when you call. These types of heaters are good for the environment since they don’t emit greenhouse gases. If you have a problem with your system you will benefit from the extensive experience that our plumbers have and the knowledge they have attained over the years. Our plumbers are not only experienced and skilled, they are also certified.

We are experts in all types of water heating systems including tankless water heater. There are many advantages to installing these types of devices for your home. One and most obvious is less space usage since you don’t have a tank. In addition, they don’t run out of water as each time they heat the amount that one needs to use. If you want help installing or repairing this type of heater, call us. Our plumbers are ready to assist you at all times.

Is your hot water heater leaking and you are losing a lot of water which is causing your bill to go up? We can help you if you call us. We know just the right way to fix this problem and a lot of experience in caring for these units. If you notice that your heater has been running out of water heater quickly, it needs to be serviced. You have also be hearing a lot of loud knocking sounds coming from the tank. This might be an indication that your system has a lot of sediments that are coming into contact with the heating element. We can take care of this problem to save your unit from failing.  If you have issues with your gas water heater, call us and we will help you as well.